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Sulphur Powder
Sulphur Powders, with their vivid yellow appearance, are essential in diverse industries. They're utilized in agriculture for soil enrichment and in chemical manufacturing, notably sulfuric acid production, making them highly demanding among various industries.
Sulphur Granules
Sulphur Granules, composed of elemental sulphur, find extensive use in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. They enhance soil fertility in agriculture, treat skin conditions in pharmaceuticals, and serve as key components in rubber, plastics, and explosives due to their distinct chemical properties, making them indispensable across various industries.
Agricultural Sulphur
Agricultural Sulphur compounds, such as sulphate and elemental sulphur, are vital for plant growth. They facilitate amino acid production, enzyme synthesis, and nutrient absorption, contributing to plant health and productivity, playing a crucial role in modern agriculture's sustainability.
Sulphur Lumps
Sulphur Lumps, solid yellow chunks composed of 99.5% elemental sulphur, are crucial in industrial processes like sulphuric acid production, fertilizer manufacturing, and rubber vulcanization. These lumps, sourced from volcanic areas or petroleum refining, also serve the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, highlighting their wide-ranging applications and purity.
Sulphur Rolls
Sulphur Rolls compounds are essential chemicals used in industries for various purposes. They are integral in rubber vulcanization, sulfuric acid production, and fertilizer manufacturing. Additionally, they find applications in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics due to their antibacterial and antifungal properties. 

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